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Lingerie Styling is more than just trying on a set of underwear and buying it. A decent and open chat with your Lingerie Styling expert is the key to lingerie that is literally made for you.

You can expect the following from Lingerie Styling

  • Your size will be carefully worked out
  • You will talk about what effect you want to create
  • You will explain when you plan on wearing the underwear and under what type of outerwear
  • You and your expert will pick out a style that fits your body type
  • You will get advice about the colours that flatter your skin tone, personality and personal style

You will find yourself leaving the shop with a smile on your face and great feeling inside, knowing that Lingerie Styling has been a 100% success.

Looking for a Lingerie Styling expert?

- What is Lingerie Styling -

Lingerie Styling is the quality label that lingerie manufacturer Van de Velde developed for specialist shops. It stands for personal service and the professional advice that you get when purchasing your lingerie. Only selected specialist shops with specially trained Lingerie Styling experts carry the quality label. Looking to get some advice from a Lingerie Styling expert? Then you can be sure of: