Personal advice

After size, styling!

Everything depends on getting the size right, but once you have that down, it's time to start styling. It's all about matching your lingerie to your body shape, your personal style and your mood.

Lingerie is the foundation of every good look. It makes or breaks your outfit. It ensures that you look your best and feel at your most comfortable. That's a nailed-on confidence boost right there! So, giving your lingerie drawer a bit of TLC will pay out in spades. That's a promise.

Are you finding it tough to make your way through the lingerie jungle? We have a few tips to help you, but the best advice we can give is to get yourself along to a Lingerie Styling specialty shop. You'll really feel the benefit.


Must-have bras in your lingerie drawer

Strapless frock? Power dressing for a job interview? Walking the dog in the park? Looking forward to a romantic dinner or a cross-country run? If you're going to cover all the bases, these bras are non-negotiable:

Multiway / halter neck

A bra with shoulder straps you can adapt to suit your wardrobe choice. That way, your bra is always a perfect match with a racerback T-shirt or a halter-top.

T-shirt bra

Go for a smooth, seamless bra that does not show under tight or light clothing. T-shirt bras can be shaped, but they don't need to bee.


Show those shoulders! Forget see-through plastic straps en go for a strapless bra. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fairytales about this bra. He doesn't give any support, he flattens your breasts, you have to buy him in a smaller size ... All fairytales! It all comes down to buy a great bra in the right size, that supports and shapes your breast. And yes, even ladies with a larger cupsize can show off with their shoulders. There are strapless bras all the way up to a G cup.

Fine, feminine lingerie

When you want to feel every inch a woman. On that romantic date night or simply because you're in a dreamy mood: a lace set, one with embroidery and delicate decorative elements or straight-up elegant luxury. Nowadays, you don't need to compromise. There is sexy lingerie that is comfortable and combines the perfect look with the perfect fit.

Briefs matter too...

Good lingerie is not only about choosing the right bra. The breifs also deserve plenty of attention. You will definitely notice the difference!


Welcome to the Walhalla of briefs: thongs to high briefs, shorts to hotpants, spaghetti thongs to Rio briefs, knickers come in all different shapes and sizes.


You should always prefer briefs that flatter your figure. If your legs are a little shorter and fuller, you should pass on shorts. If you want to make your legs look longer, go for briefs that are cut a little higher on the hip. Try high briefs if you want to keep your tummy in check.


You need to match your briefs to your figure, but also to your outfit. If you're planning to wear tight trousers, prefer a thong or briefs with invisible, flat seams. The fight against VPN starts with you!

Try different briefs. Shorts really don't work for some women, as they dig in under the buttocks,but for other women they are really perfect. To a large degree it depends on your shape. The best way to find out what suits you is to try on as many different styles as you can.

Check the seams. Seamless briefs, which are tapped rather than stitched, will show less under clothing. Some briefs have a central seam running down the back to give your buttocks a nice shape. These are ideal for women who want a rounded form.

Working undercover: shapewear

Slimmer waist, flatter tummy, no love handles, everything nicely packaged, tight buttocks, attractively round bottom - shapewear is your personal secret agent, licensed to thrill! Shapewear helps you show off your best bits and hide your imperfections. The quick fix for your figure.

Let's get two misconceptions out of the way:

1. Shapewear will not take you down a dress or pant size. Wearing the wrong size is never good for your look, anyway.

2. Shapewear is not just for women with fuller sizes. Everyone can use some help to get into that breathtaking pencil skirt.

Shapewear tips:

Don't buy shapewear that is actually too small for you.

Good shapewear firms you up in your own size. If you go too small, this will have the opposite effect: the edges will pinch and you will end up bulging precisely where you don't want to! It is also highly likely that you will sweat more. So it really isn't worth it. And let's be honest:: we all want a streamlined look, but no one got very far without breathing and eating.

Putting on shapewear

Even when it's the right size, shapewear can be a bit of a struggle to get on. Our tip: step into it one leg after another, then pull it up steadily. You step into your shapewear, rather than pulling it over your head. Believe us, you don't want to call for help if you get stuck!

Next to your skin

You should wear shapewear next to your skin. That means that nylons should be worn on top, unless you're wearing a shapewear dress.

Choose the right style

Is your tummy your main concern? Control briefs are what you need. Is it more your wider hips and bottom that give you a headache? Go for shorts or a shapewear dress. You want to wear a tight dress to show off your female form? A shapewear dress is what you need.