World of lingerie

The backstory of a perfect bra

Every bra has a long backstory. You can watch a short film about our brand PrimaDonna here. "You know whether a bra fits perfectly in just a few secons, but it takes 18 months to make them that way." Great care is invested in every detail and we are constantly working to improve every little part.

10 things to know about the perfect bra

1. A bra is the most complex article of clothing that exists

2. A high-quality bra consists of 45 seperate parts, twice as many a cheap bra. And rest assured, those extra parts are not superfluous or gratuitous.

3. It takes 20-30 minutes to stich a bra together. At a high-quality brand like PrimaDonna, this takes twice as long as at a cheap label.

4. Beautiful lingerie is made of beautiful materials, like lace, silk and embroidery. These fabrics are chosen with the greatest care. Every part that comes into direct contact with the ski is always made as comfortable as possible.

5. Even today, high-quality lingerie is largeley handmade. For instance, the bows are tied by hand, stitching is done by hand and shoulder straps are hand-braided.

6. Take a closer look at the part of the bra where the hooks and eyes are positioned. Feel how soft the materials are. They are specially designed to maximise your comfort.

7. The underwire is an iron wire covered in a protective coating. The quality of the iron and the protective coating are critical. An underwire helps create an attractive shape and gives support, but it must never be a source of irritation. With that in mind, the underwire is also inserted in a special sleeve to ensure you don't feel it at all.

8. You will see extra pieces of tulle on the inside of the bra. These are there to add firmness and make sure your breasts are attractively centred.

9. Handmade patterns are often used to ensure the perfect fit.

10. Prototypes are always tried out on real women. That's because good lingerie is made with real women in mind. You can tak eour word for it.