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Every woman deserves customized advice.

Lingerie Styling is ...

Shopping for lingerie is fun. Certainly if you get help from a professional stylist. These ten concepts form the basis of Lingerie Styling.

1. Luxury

Imagine: a personal assistant who monitors you closely while you are shopping for lingerie. Someone who knows exactly what is in the shop at the moment and what styles flatter you most. And all this, while you are in the changing room taking a break. In short: You will be completely pampered...

2. Tailor-made

A typical styling session will start by taking the correct measurements. Because if we are talking about comfort, there is a world of difference between ‘almost right’ and ‘perfect’. For one stylist this means blindly relying on the tape measure, for another it means depending wholly on personal observations and expertise.

3. Know-how

No, a ‘lingerie stylist’ is not a posh name for ‘sales assistant’. All our lingerie stylists have received specialist, exclusive training so they have the Marie Jo Styling or PrimaDonna Styling down to a fine art. They have all the required know-how to advise you about our lingerie.

4. Body language

The cut and style of your new lingerie must fit your body completely. It’s a fact that every woman is different. Your stylist will also look at your body’s unique features, while taking your sizes. This will enable your stylist to find the absolute perfect style to suit you.

5. Me-time

During a lingerie styling session, everything is all about you. How nice to be the absolute centre of attention for once... Your lingerie stylist will have one simple aim to achieve: making sure that you step outside with a lingerie set that perfectly suits your body and lifestyle.

6. 100% comfortable

You will notice the difference immediately in the changing room: how comfortable it feels when your lingerie is the perfect size... After all those years, you might have forgotten what a perfectly fitting lingerie set can do for your body. It can be a real boost to your self-esteem!

7. Women only

A lingerie session is the perfect moment to talk about all your small and not-so-small frustrations. You always wanted a fuller bosom? A more svelte shape? Be open, because your stylist will be very happy to find you the styles that best match your wishes.

8. Interaction

And it doesn’t stop with cut, size and fit. Your stylist will also have an eye for the ‘finishing touch’. So tell her what your favourite styles and colours are, and she can help you find some new ideas: perhaps aubergine brown suits you a lot more than black. Or who knows, you might discover how to create a sexy cleavage with your smaller breasts.

9. Style advice

And then there’s your outerwear, which will also be scrutinized. Which briefs best enhance the look of your new linen trousers? And how to avoid revealing ‘too much’ when wearing that lovely transparent blouse? Your lingerie stylist will also be able to answer all your questions about your wardrobe, because her knowledge reaches further than just lingerie.

10. Indulgence

Are you looking for a special present for a friend or for your mother? Book a lingerie styling session and inform the lucky recipient. Perhaps your husband needs some inspiration in finding a suitable present? Whisper in his ear you would like him to book you in for a session, or just drop the word ‘lingerie cheque’. Pure indulgence!