The perfect lingerie for every occasion

Fair's fair, we know that shopping for lingerie is not always easy. In fact, we're well aware that it's a jungle out there. There are the differences between French, UK, European and American sizes. And even if you know your size, it's highly likely that your body will change. Plus, you need a specialist glossary to guide you through the maze of three-section full cups, balconies, spacers ...

Rest assured, we know how complicated it all is. All those styles and sizes exist to ensure that every woman is always able to find the perfect lingerie. To make the difference between "I'm wearing a bra" and "I feel great'. And for such an intimate piece of clothing, perfection is non-negotiable.

What can you expect?

We want to minimise your pain and maximise your gain. That's what Lingerie Styling is all about. And the best place to do that is in the fitting room, where we can listen closely to what you want and find the ideal match to meet your needs. If you've had a bad experience in the past you might find enterering a specialty shop a bit daunting. Our aim with the Lingerie Styling quality mark is to make lingerie shopping more of a pleasure. It can actually be a pleasurable experience. And who doesn't want personalised styling advice solely oriented to ensure the look and feel their absolute best?

Lingerie Styling is ...

  1.     A warm welcome
  2.     Professional measurement
  3.     Advice on style and cut, adapted to your preferences
  4.     A personal treat

You should try it. And be sure to tell us how it was.