Is there a low-cut bra that still provides sufficient support?

Up till now, I have always worn polo neck and dark coloured jumpers to hide my large bosom and short neck. But in a styling book by Trinny and Susannah I discovered that I should really wear a V-neck to make myself look slimmer. So I am now looking for a low-cut bra that still provides sufficient support.

Renske, 39, Rotterdam

A low-cut neckline can work well for a larger bosom. It is important that there is a strong back panel, a sturdy middle piece and an additional sidepiece to the cup. Do you sometimes wear blouses that are not so low-cut or a round neckline? Then you will look good in a balconnet style bra by PrimaDonna, with a horizontal or vertical seam and low-cut cup lines.

Where do I find bras in a young design in my size?

I am 16 and I have a D cup. For the rest I am quite slim: I weigh 9.9 stone and I am 5 foot 7 tall. Where do I find pretty bras with a young look that still provide sufficient support?

Elena, 16, Gothenburg

Thirty years ago, the average cup size was an A or B, whereas nowadays young women have a C or D cup on average. It is obvious that lingerie manufacturers are following this trend. Each season, new ranges are introduced to the ‘young’ section. A playful detail, a fun colour, a sensual look... With your bra size you are sure to find something to suit you in the Marie Jo and the Marie Jo L’Aventure collections.

What can I do if my bra doesn’t fit on one side?

One of my breasts is larger than the other. When I’m having my period, the difference becomes more pronounced and my bra starts to pull on one side. What can I do about it?

Juliette, 20, Grenoble

There is not a single woman who has perfectly symmetrical breasts. If the asymmetry becomes more pronounced during your period, then there is a simple way to solve the problem: loosen the shoulder strap that is too tight using the adjuster. This will make your bra feel a lot more comfortable. To hide the difference in an elegant way, go for a trimming along the top of the cup. Another solution would be to buy a bra with the top part of the cup flexible and elastic, so that it fits closely on your skin. Try the ‘Madison’ range by PrimaDonna. For some women a foam cup can be the answer.

How do I make sure that my breasts remain inside my bra?

I have an E cup. Because the breast tissue is very delicate, my breasts tend to sag a little. This is why it sometimes happens that my breasts bulge out of my bra along the top or the sides.

Anja, 63, Stuttgart

Don’t worry: it is perfectly normal that the tissue becomes less firm after some time. The best way to prevent your bosom from popping out of your bra? Look for a bra with a full, three-sided cup that perfectly encases your breasts. Also look for a slightly higher cut, and choose an elastic material that fits nicely around your shape. The PrimaDonna collection has some beautiful bras with this type of cut and fit.