Quality label

Every woman deserves customized advice.

What is Lingerie Styling?

Lingerie shopping does not need to be a source of frustration. It can just as well be a wonderful indulgence. With a fabulous outcome: we all know that wearing the wrong lingerie does not help you look good in any outfit. When your lingerie fits perfectly and makes you look your best you'll feel good about yourself, whatever your outfit. And one thing we're sure of is that every woman can find lingerie that fits perfectly.

Where should you go?

You should head for a specialty lingerie shop that carries the Lingerie Styling quality mark. We only award this quality mark to specialty shops that have completed professional styling training given by the Van de Velde lingerie group.This training is held in all countries where Lingerie Styling is marketed as a concept: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France. Clearly, the first lesson in the training is how to take a woman's measurements. This is key to perfectly fitting lingerie. But it's only the first step. The training focuses on giving personalised product, colour and personal styling advice as well.

In a shop that carries the Lingerie Styling quality mark:

1. You get professional size and styling advice. A lingerie Styling expert takes your measurements in the right way, selects a style that makes you look even more beautiful and identifies the perfect match with your outfit.

2. You have the widest selection of styles to choose from. Only those shops that offer a sufficiently wide range are eligble for Lingerie Styling training.

3. The Marie Jo, PrimaDonna and Andres Sarda quality brands are properly represented

4. The fitting rooms are comfortable and the service is discreet.

Did you know?

Lingerie shops with the quality mark are visited by a mystery shopper from an external company two times a year. The shop must be given a sufficiently high rating by this mystery shopper. This is our way of guaranteeing that every customer gets the promised service.

How to recognise a Lingerie Styling specialty shop?

  • A personalised certificate and corresponding logo
  • Special promotional material in the shop

Use the store locator on this website and the Marie Jo and PrimaDonna websites to find a Lingerie Styling specialty shop near you.