Blush colours

This spring, blush colours are a major trend. They are the ideal fashionable alternative to classic skin tones and a safe way to add colour to your lingerie drawer if you find yourself trending to go for white or black.

Forget padding

In luxury brands like Andres Sarda the concept is well established, but natural forms are also gaining ground in general. This means that unpadded bras are again gaining in popularity. Why not take the plunge and try a very feminine bra with seams but without padded cups.

Go wireless (or pretend)

A bikini trend in lingerie: triangle bras are totally in. Very feminine, very small and above all ... lacking in underwires. Unfortunately this trend is not for everyone. But don't despair: many lingerie brands are hooking in to the trend by incorporating invisible underwires into their bra collections. You don't see them, but they are there. Just how we like it!