Getting measured up is where it all begins...

Let's just start by busting a few myths:

1. Do you find it hard to find a bra that fits properly? Don't blame your body, it's the size you're wearing. Finding the right size is not something you leave to chance. Edward Pechter, a famous plastic surgeon, once said: "Finding a comfortable, well-fitting bra is more a matter of educated guesswork, trial and error than of precise measurements."

2. You don't have one bra size. Your size can differ from brand to brand and even from style to style. We also know that a woman's size will change several times during her life. Whether you put on a few pounds, work them off again, get pregnant or enter the menopause... All these things change your body. So you should regularly have your measurements taken by a Lingerie Styling expert. It will be good for your look and for your self-confidence!

3. You don't always take a C cup or an F cup. Your cup size always depends on your band size. For example, a 70C is smaller in volume than a 100C. And an 80D has the same volumes as an 85C. That doesn't make it easy, but it can sometimes give you some wiggle room if you fall between two sizes.

Size advice: check for yourself!

It's a good idea to occasionally check for yourself whether your bra is the right size. You can do this quickly by means of the five checkpoints.

1. Your back wings

This is the most important part of your bra: whether your breasts doorp or are attractively lifted. The back wings provide 80% of all the support given by a bra. On the condition they are nice and tight. It's easy to check whether they are: the back wings must be straight across the back, under your shoulder blades. If the back wings rise towards the middle, the band size is too big.

Did you know that back wings that give sufficient support exert a force of no les than 1.3kg ?

2. Your underwires

They are wires, not daggers! If they pricks your breasts or the skin under your arm, your bra is not the right fit. You can check to see whether the wire goes round your breasts as it should be by applying a little pressure on the side. If you are able to press the wire into your breast tissue, it's not in the right place. The wire should be against your ribs.

Did you know that our underwires are hollow and rounded? This gives them enough flexibility to bend round the breasts, so they will not cause irritation?

3. Centre gore or bridge

This is the piece at the front between the cups. Like the back wings, this piece is a source of support. It should rest against the breastbone. If you can get a finger under it or it moves loosely, your bra is not a good fit.

Did you know that a very strong non-elastic material is used for this piece? It ensures that it gives sufficient support.

4. Your shoulder straps

The shoulder straps are not there to lift your breasts. The back wings do that. The job of the shoulder straps is to keep the bra in place. They account for about 10% of all the support. If the bra fits well, you should be able to insert two fingers under the strap. Some women bear the marks of tight straps on their shoulders. Don't let it come so far. It's really not necessary.

Did you know that shoulder straps can be a signature, like Louboutin's red soles? True lingerie lovers recognise them immediately.

5. Your cups

Mother nature gave us two breasts, not four! So when breast tissue bulges out at the top or the sides your cup is really too small. Remember: it's not the letter that's important, but the look. At the same time, if your bra cup is not full at the top, you should probably choose a smaller sized cup.

Did you know that the average cup size is increasing all the time? PrimaDonna, our favourite brand for large sizes, already comes in a J cup!

Lastly, a few tips...

Put a T-shirt on

Try a T-shirt on to check whether your bra fits well. You'll immediately see whether your bra makes you look fabulous or frumpy.

Put on your bra right

The best way to put on a bra is to lean over and let your breasts fall into the cups. Then straighten up and fasten your bra at the back. Adjust the lenght of the shoulder straps. And just check that your breasts are nicely positioned in the cups. You're all set!

Look slimmer in the right size

A good bra works to your advantage. It shapes and supports, lifts and centres your breasts. That frees up your waist, which can make a whole size difference for a tight blouse or dress.